Kiss and make up~Dua Lipa N Black Pink (Gacha Life)
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Hey guys!Creastila here , this is a music video name Kiss and Make up as you guys know this is from Dua Lipa and Black Pink.This song is very interesting,and if you're Dua Lipa fan or a Blink ,then I think you like this very much! After I heard about this song,I'm so excited to make it as a gacha version :b.I bet I had a long~break,cause my last video was Black Pink DDU~DDU.That video helps me from 13sub to 49sub now!So,it seems like you guys really like Black Pink....So,I decided to make this video.Hmm,why am I talking so much about this?By the way ,I also need to say about that if the condition of the video is not good ,don't unlike my video ,go unrate Power Director!!!!:(Talking about Power Director ,I'm so angry with it cause it kept lagging and I can't even make a video.So,I made this video for a long~time~Power Director please fix this!Thank You!Lol guys,okay lets stop talking about Power Director,guys I'm so happy that the subscribers had reach 49 !Before I post the next video ,I hope that the subscribers can reach over 50,Thank You very much guys!Love y'all♡

Song~Kiss and make up

Singer~Dua Lipa ~Black Pink♡Jennie ♡Lisa ♡Rose ♡Jisoo
For~Dua Lipa fans ~Blinks ~ You guys♡

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